Power Smart IQ

will $AVE you money on power!

will $AVE you money on power!

reduce energy consumption, eliminate utility penalties & surcharges, reduce your carbon footprint – GUARANTEED!

Know Your Power Factor

Power Factor refers to the ability of your electrical system to convert electric current into work such as heat, light and mechanical motion. In most cases utility clients draw too much reactive power (poor power factor) causing voltage fluctuations, power quality issues, your electrical can’t work efficiently and limits the utility lines to deliver Real power (clean power) and quality voltage to your facility and your neighbours

why you pay penalties & Surcharges

Most utility customers pay for power they do not use, and penalties and surcharges can run as high as 30% or more for having a poor power factor. When your power factor is below 100 your facility is drawing both reactive power and real power. The worse your power factor, the more penalties you will pay.

correcting your power factor

Power Smart IQ uses PACS equipment to actively increase your power efficiency, eliminating utility surcharges and penalties due to poor power factor. PACS provides clients an affordable, simple application to reduce energy consumption, utility costs and your Carbon footprint…Guaranteed!

What is PACS?

PACS – the #1 Power Application Correction System. Providing clean power to your facility will improve voltage, enhance equipment operation and reduce maintenance. 

Specifically built to our specifications in North America for PACS – high quality ULC and CSA approved products. Rapid ROI - return on investment in Months …not years.

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